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3D Hologirlfriend

For Hololens, Metavision Meta 2 and Cardboard

For demo versions other than Cardboard go to and sign up

In 3D Hologirlfriend you experience the latest in adult-oriented entertainment with our unique product designed & built for Augmented Reality devices such as Microsoft’s Hololens and Metavision’s Meta2. If you don’t have one of these devices we also offer a VR version. 3D Hologirlfriend

Date Published: 08 Jul, 2018

Devices: Cardboard, Hololens, Meta2

OS: Windows, Android

Languages: English

Developer: 3D Hologroup

Price: $9.99

Our wide variety of beautiful girls come with many animations that are sure to please. Just use your microphone and you can send the girl voice commands for her various animations. We are currently working on adding Artificial Intelligence that will allow the experience to be very immersive and engaging.

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