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Hardcore Pink VR Story

Hardcore Pink VR Story

Adult VR Stories (Animation+Interaction)

What’s NEW in v0.13.6 Beta [Public Build]

  • Save/Load System Improvement
  • Support for Shader Model 4.0 (Thanks Adenan)
  • New Girl – Quiet – Room 5
  • Performance Optimization
  • 1 New Animation

Custom TV

  • Go to game StreamingAssets movie folder.
  • ThePinkMotel_Data\StreamingAssets\Movie\
  • Replace *.mp4 files with your *.mp4 files

Date Published: 01 Jun, 2017

Devices: HTC Vive,

OS: Windows

Languages: English

Developer: Hardcore Pink

Price: Free

Custom Radio

  • Go to game StreamingAssets music folder.
  • ThePinkMotel_Data\StreamingAssets\Music\
  • Put your *.mp3 files in radio folders with your *.mp3 files

Game Save Data Path

  • Go to game StreamingAssets save folder.
  • ThePinkMotel_Data\StreamingAssets\Sav

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