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The Izumi Experience 2

Step into your computer screen to check out the awesome scene sex scenes built by Adamar and ported into VR by me with detail added for a 2.5D experience in 3D.  This is a preview with 2 of 5 scenes.  Patrons get access to all 5 scenes.  Future patron updates will include a touch-less menu interaction, clothing toggles, POV, male visibility toggles, background music, multiple location choices, additional characters and more. No better time to become a patron and follow along.

Self contained App. Easy Access. Just launch and enjoy!

Vive: toggle animations with Trigger – Right Touchpad to Teleport

Oculus / NonVR : Toggle Animations with “R”

*Oculus: Updated to include 1st person movement with w POV toggle for each animation using “Right Mouse Button”

Date Published: 09 Oct, 2016

Devices: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift

OS: Windows

Languages: English

Developer: VRAnimeTed

Price: Free

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