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She is Sexaroid

She is Sexaroid is a VR Girlfriend experience like VR Kanojo

Only in Japanese! It’s a click through if you don’t speak Japanese.

* A VR Game utilizing the latest technology!
* Using an exclusive controller for an extra realistic erotic experience.
* Fondle her titties and nipples as much as you want with both hands.
* Undressing system implemented. 
* Automatic lip syncing working together with the voice.

Date Published: 10 Jul, 2017

Devices: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift

OS: Windows

Languages: Japanese

Developer: Damin’s

Price: $23

* Seamless sexual position changing.
* Physics computations take hair and breast / ass / thigh jiggling.
* Random blending motions.
* 36 types of penetrating sexual positions x 3 variation patterns each.
* Bukakke System, anywhere, as you please.
* Customization System. You can change the color of her panties / add glasses.
* VR Exclusive (Oculus Rift + Touch or HTC Vive necessary)

Visually amazing, uncensored patch from hong fire or anime-sharing is key.

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